When you start creating ad campaigns, what CONFUSES you the most?

Is it choosing how wide an audience you want to target?

Then you are NOT alone. 

Arguably, one of the HARDEST things to learn about when creating high-performance ad campaigns is targeting parameters.

Do you go for the WIDER audience reach? 

Or would it be better to focus on a SPECIFIC audience?

Let’s break down the SECRETS to Facebook ad manager targeting options. 

When do you choose a BROAD approach?

Do it if you have funding to burn. Facebook’s algorithm can work overtime to determine the best audience to show your ads in exchange for higher ad spend. Most of the time, when you’re just starting out in advertising or if you are in the beginning stages of your business, this approach may not be the best idea.

When do you choose a SPECIFIC approach?

This approach is better if you’re paying out-of-pocket. You know your market. You know what kind of audience responds to your ads. Why not stick to what you know? If you can accurately target your audience with your ad, this approach may yield the same results but with a smaller ad spend.

Both options have their own STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. 

It’s all in how you play your cards.

What do you think is the better approach for your business? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you guys.

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