What is one mistake that many marketers FAIL to notice?

We are all learning the best way to handle ads. 📖 But, as soon as we feel like we’ve figured it out, the algorithm gets a MAJOR update. ⏪ Back to square one.

So, over a decade after Facebook ads were established, we are all STILL learning.

Here’s another lesson we learned through experience and mistakes that we hope you don’t have to make, especially when you’re a new business owner:

❌ AVOID pushing sales too early!

Isn’t it a huge turnoff when a business you barely know about is pushing you to buy? 🤷‍♂️ That’s definitely a shortcut to getting reported by Facebook users.

What you want to do is ✔️ GIVE, ✔️ GIVE, and ✔️ GIVE some more!

📖 Give them your brand STORY.

💎 Give them VALUE through your content.

🗣️ Give them a REASON to engage with your business.

🗨️ “About 80% of Facebook ads should be about giving to the audience.”

When you think about it, the moment you stop PUSHING sales, the audience begins to LISTEN.

Take that chance to form that BOND, that RELATIONSHIP with the audience. 

Instead of smothering them with sales messages,

Let them get to ✔️ KNOW you,

Give them the chance to ✔️ LIKE what you stand for,

Allow them to develop ✔️ TRUST with your brand.

Remember, success in Facebook ads is not measured by conversions only.

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