What does your BRAND really mean in business?

“Nike is a checkmark. It’s the world’s SIMPLEST logo.”

If you think about that line, what does your BRAND really mean in business? 

What matters most to the audience?

Is it the logo? Do you need to have a really cool, eye-catching logo to attract customers?

No. Nike is a checkmark. It’s barely even a logo, but it’s one of the world’s most RECOGNIZABLE logos. Everyone knows what a checkmark on your stuff means.

Is it the product? Do you have to have something unique that only you do?

Not necessarily. Nike sells shoes, sportswear, bags. I can tell you about ten different famous brands that sell the EXACT same thing.

So what is it about the BRAND that gets people to buy?

Well, maybe, it’s the STORY. 

People nowadays want to buy from someone they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. 

They want to buy from someone they SUPPORT.

They want to buy from someone that INSPIRES them.

Facebook has become an amazing tool for people to SHARE. It has become a medium where anyone can become someone. We, as marketers, should be telling our brand’s STORY. 

WHO we are.

WHAT we do.

WHY we do it all.

With such big importance placed on IDENTITY and PERSONALITY on social media, maybe, sharing your story will be the first step to building that know, like, and trust.

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