What do we want to gain from advertising?

Since we’re talking about the FUNDAMENTALS of Facebook advertising this week, maybe we should take a look at our GOALS.

What do we want to gain from advertising?

Do we want to sell our product or service?

Do we want to gain more popularity?

Do we want to find more audiences to show our brand to?

All of these are possible through marketing, but what do we do to gain all three?


We all think that our ads are supposed to introduce our product and get sales, but is that our only goal?

We need to use our ads to sell clicks instead of products.

Get them to your website.

Show them your shop.

Have them fill out a newsletter form.

Make them a WARM audience first, before you push sales!

For so long, so many marketers have made the mistake of showing ads that say, “Buy this now!” or “You need this product!” and that’s all they say.

What is the value there? Does the audience understand your brand or your product? 

I don’t think so.

To get the audience to buy, we need to think like a consumer. As consumers, we want INFORMATION above all else. 

We don’t want to let go of our hard-earned money to a product we know nothing about.

So SELL the CLICK. Give them value through your website or through your online shop.

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