We as business owners SHOULD invest in customer service representatives

“If businesses were to spend as much money TRAINING customer representatives as they do in AUTOMATION, customers would have better EXPERIENCES and fewer COMPLAINTS.”

There’s A LOT of value in that statement.

Chatbots are slowly but steadily replacing live customer representatives. And it’s not necessarily for the best.

What is something AIs have yet to understand? EMPATHY.

The uniqueness of human-to-human speech is that we understand FEELINGS. Chatbots are programmed to respond in a certain way. They take into account WHAT you say, but not HOW you say it.

In this week’s podcast, we learned the concept of “Total Engagement.” 

On Facebook, much like other social media platforms, ENGAGEMENT refers to HOW the audience responds. 

Do they watch your ad?

Do they save and share your ad?

The audience reacts to ads differently. AUTOMATION can help, but it’s not the solution to everything.

If you remember Sugar Mama Strong, they had a similar concept where their call-to-action is “Message me.”

Do you think chatbots could handle a conversation like that? Not yet. 

We as business owners SHOULD invest in customer service representatives. Give the customers a great experience and in turn, the customers give us more business.

Fair trade.

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