Super Engager Customers

In just one click of a button, you can see a list of all your top rated CUSTOMERS, revealing their most important information at a glance.



What Are Super Engager Customers?

Super Engager Customers (SEC) shows an easily scannable, bird’s-eye view listing of your top priority customers for fast, high-quality decision making.

It is meant to be an area that you check as soon as you log into LeadKlozer, along with any schedules that you’ve previously set for that day.

If you don’t have a good idea of who your highest priority customers are off the top of your head, click on the SEC (Super Engager Customers) button in the SMART LINKS area of the main dashboard in LeadKlozer.

This will bring up a Smart Search list of your highest rated customers that we’ve automatically created for you, ranked in order of priority by Smart Score.

What can you see, update or save for later in Super Engager Customers?

Each recommended customer is presented to you in rows that you can quickly scan to see all the important information at once. Information like:

  • Contact Info
    • Name
    • Smart Score
    • Contact Status (hot, warm, neutral, etc.)
    • Direct Communication Options
  • Tags, Stages and Product Tags
    • Scan, add, update or delete any of these three types of tags.
  • Smart Schedules
    • See all scheduled appointments so you can know if and when your next follow-up for those particular contacts is due.
  • Skip
    • Click on the skip button to take any contact out of the list for a certain period of time,  as shown below.
      • 3 days
      • 7 days
      • 14 days
      • 30 days
      • Custom (this brings up a calendar)
    • This is useful when you do not need to follow up with a particular contact for a while.


Super Engager Customers Demo Video

FYI, this is the same video for Super Engager Leads as they work exactly the same.