This week, I received the BEST storytelling advice I have ever heard

During my podcast interview 🎙️ with Bryan Adams, CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, he talked about the different story structures they use. It was absolutely 🤯 MIND-BLOWING.

As an agency that specializes in branding, Ph.Creative is the best when it comes to storytelling. Their structure on “Feel-Felt-Found” is, by far, my favorite.

🔵 The story would begin with FEEL. 

🗨️ I understand how you FEEL.

You basically tell the audience that you KNOW what they are feeling. You UNDERSTAND their problem. You are in their PRESENT.

🔵 Then you proceed to FELT. 

🗨️ I have FELT what you feel.

You told the audience you know HOW they feel; now you tell them WHY. Because you have been there before. You are talking about your PAST.

🔵 Finally, you finish with FOUND. 

🗨️ I have FOUND the answer.

This is where you differentiate yourself from the audience. You know what they are feeling, you have felt it before, BUT you have found the answer. You are showing them their FUTURE.

It is a three-part epic strategy that shows the audience that you understand, you empathize, and you want to offer a solution.

What better way to tell your story than to tell it through the experiences of your audience, right? 🤷‍♂️

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