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The Top 10 Facebook Hidden Lead Opportunities

Learn how to use never-seen-before lead opportunities to reduce your Facebook ad costs by 21% and see a 12:1 return on your Facebook campaigns.

See 30% more lead engagements that were previously hidden, miss 25% fewer lead opportunities, and manage 10x the number of engagements versus any other tool in half the time!

VIDEO: The Top 10 Facebook Hidden Leads Opportunities That Reduce Facebook Ad Costs & The Overall Return On Campaigns

Learn how to use never-seen-before lead opportunities to reduce your Facebook ad costs by 21% and see a 12:1 return on your Facebook campaigns.

LeadKlozer was used in a recent Governor’s campaign in the United States and was the #1 factor in increasing donations by 65%. Watch the video below for all the details.

How to stop wasting important lead engagements

9 out of 10 digital marketing agencies don’t manage the engagements that result from their own campaigns for the sole reason that it is too hard to get a return on the manpower needed to do it.

Why? First off, Facebook makes it terribly hard to track engagements across multiple pages, ads, posts, chatbots, and inboxes.

Second, Facebook gives you no prioritization or context about how important any single lead is. All we know is their name and nothing about their past engagement history, yet the more engaged a lead is, the more important they are to your business, and the better the sales opportunity they represent.

“It’s like inviting everyone in your Facebook campaigns to a party, and then not talking to them.” – Bruno Gavino, Top 100 Digital Agency Founder.

This difficulty in managing engagements translates directly into lost sales from:

  • Leads that are highly engaged, but can’t be individually identified (Super Fans)
  • Leads that take too long to track down
  • Leads that we’ve never been able to see before
  • Leads that would otherwise convert with the help of a little personal attention

There are 3 billion comments made on Facebook pages each month, representing the #1 lost sales opportunity on Facebook.

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Introducing LeadKlozer’s industry-first lead recovery technology

LeadKlozer tracks all Facebook page engagements (reactions, comments, replies, chatbots, and inbox messages) by the individual lead (fan) over time, automatically creating lead rankings.

Lead rankings pinpoint the most important individual leads at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel that could never be seen before (see the image below).

This uncovers all-new segments of your most engaged fans for replies and follow-ups that will close more sales!

“Clearly, there are a number of factors that can affect conversion, but a lack of consistent and effective follow up is one of the biggest culprits for poor performance.”

– Forbes Magazine

As leads go through the funnel, personal conversations have a greater and greater impact on sales. Why? They create the feeling of being important, appreciated, heard, and supported for the lead.

Simply put, missed follow up opportunities represent missed conversations and sales.

Additionally, more engagement (in form of replies from advertisers to their leads) contributes to optimizing Facebook’s algorithm in favour of the brand, which ultimately helps reduce ad costs!

DID YOU KNOW?: The leading Facebook advertising agency in the United States hires Conversationalists (entry-level staff ) to carry on the conversation created from their existing Facebook ad campaigns.

LeadKlozer Funnel

Our teams love LeadKlozer. We are missing 25-30% fewer Facebook leads for clients than before, positively impacting the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) that we are judged by from our clients.”

Robin Mosely, Digital Agency Owner
The Top 10 Hidden/Missed Facebook Lead Opportunities… REVEALED!
LeadKlozer Top10
    • Super Fans are the most engaged, highest priority leads. Use this list from inside LeadKlozer to create custom and then lookalike audiences that slash ad costs.
    • There are over 1,000 first-of-a-kind custom audience choices that can be created based on any combination of engagements with your Facebook page’s posts, ads, or messages that you can think of.
    • Use LeadKlozer’s Missed Comment Tracker to see and reply to comments needing a response across any Facebook page, post, or ad…all in one place. This is the #1 missed lead opportunity on Facebook!
    • LeadKlozer identifies engaged fans that collect in the middle of the funnel and ranks/prioritizes them for you, providing conversation opportunities you’ve never had before.
    • LeadKlozer unlocks new Facebook messaging steps so that you can both see and reply to reactions from important leads.
    • See lead rankings, contact status, and direct communication options for every lead at a glance.  No highly successful sales process would operate without this information.
    • Most leads are missed because it’s just too hard to see and track them. Digital agency owner Jordan Salamone says that his team can now see and reply to all important engagements across 5 Facebook pages in about 2 minutes, where it would have taken 20 minutes before LeadKlozer.
    • 71% of leads are never followed-up with, and if they are, it is only on average 1.3 times. According to Forbes Magazines, “a lack of consistent and effective follow-up is one of the biggest culprits for poor lead conversion performance.” LeadKlozer enables you to set follow-up schedules so that you never forget any important leads ever again!
    • Leads that are not responded to within an hour are ultimately 60 times less likely to buy. With LeadKlozer, you get lead notifications exactly from who you want, when you want them, and  how you want them.
    • Leads are often hiding right in plain sight…for a computer. A good example is looking at a list of leads that have liked your most recent ad, and turning those leads (that had no way to be identified or marketed to before) into a custom audience for retargeting. We call this tool Smart Search. It’s like having a Google search engine for your entire contact database.
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