Want Client’s To See The REAL Value From Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

How does an agency that puts its client on a billboard prove the value? They have to make projections based on eyeballs driving by, and hope awareness and impressions were enough. Seems like a historical artifact–I mean, who would put out an ad campaign and not be able to directly link it to sales, am I right? 


Well, then, how does an agency that puts clients in a Facebook campaign prove the value? Likes. Clicks to links. Comments. Perhaps you start to sweat when the client asks, “So… how did the campaign help sales? Did you get many leads after they shared the content?” 

After you get that question, what are your options? Dig through a contact spreadsheet and sales receipts, scroll through the list of people who liked a post and try to find a match? “Ah, this guy signed up for the newsletter four days after reacting with ‘Haha’ to our meme. Success!”

Luckily there’s a better way to prove your results that will lead to clarity and propel future success (and contract renewals). 

Instead: Automate efforts and rank interactions in real-time. Apply tags & sales pipeline stages to show where your team and campaign got a person’s attention, began to engage with them, and kept their interest until they went from a lead to a sale. 

GROWTH HACK: Show your results, easily and as often as your clients ask for them: Never miss a Facebook lead again.

LeadKlozer is all about making it EASY to show progress and add value to every campaign. Minimize the time spent rolling up metrics, as well. 

Learn more or book a demo at https://agency.leadklozer.com. We would also love to hear your thoughts on questions for future videos too.

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