The personal side of owning a business

Let’s take a step back from all the technical stuff for a little while.

Let’s think about the personal side of owning a business.

What is your business for?

Who do you want to benefit from it?

Why is there a need for your business?

To many, it’s to earn. 

To some, it’s about being the “SOLUTION.”

This became evidently clear when I spoke with Mary, the owner of Sugar Mama Strong.

I asked her what she wanted to achieve with her business, and she told me she wanted to HELP the millions of diabetic women across the country.

That got me thinking. Sugar Mama Strong is a successful business, which means she’s earning. Yet, she is also a solution to a problem.

Yes, that means we CAN do both.

We CAN create a successful business WHILE helping those who need us.

Maybe that’s why so many businesses nowadays partner with non-profit organizations. 

Let’s STOP talking about the problem; let’s START being a solution.

Facebook advertising has provided us the opportunity to reach billions of people all over the world. Maybe it’s time we take FULL advantage of it.

As business owners, how do you think we can help?

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