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Missed Comments Track Directly To Lost Revenues
And Lower Ad Costs

Facebook comments can be positive and close to a conversion, while some negatively affect others perception of our brands. Stimulating a larger conversation around our ads, is proven to bring down ad costs!


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Stop Missing Comments!
Stop Losing Sales!
Start Lowering Ad Costs!

How To NEVER MISS A NEW LEAD Opportunity Again,
In Four Simple Steps


STEP 1: Stop The #1 Lost Lead Opportunity On Facebook, Missed Comments

Never miss a comment across any number of your posts, ads or Facebook pages again. Click to open and reply! Easily track down and hide negative comments, see your most positive comments, or comments relating to certain product lines.

AN INDUSTRY FIRST: No other tool organizes all comments that haven’t been replied to by the admin or editor of the page in one place AND let’s you search for comments by keyword!

“In the past, we spent way too much time trying to track down all the comments from our pages. Now it takes no time at all and we reply to everything we need to, every time!"
Chris Delaney
Digital Agency Owner

STEP 2: Create A New Class Of Leads & Custom Audiences From Your Super Fans

Facebook page engagements auto create individual lead profiles, rankings (identifying Super Fans) and relationship histories for every lead inside LeadKlozer.

AN INDUSTRY FIRST: No other tool ranks leads based on engagements, showing vital lead context at a glance, while in the act of engaging! For the first time, create custom and lookalike Facebook audiences from your Super Fans.

LeadKlozer has changed the way we follow-up on our client's Facebook engagements. This new system kills it, getting so much more out of our existing campaigns. This is a brilliant tool.
Roman Seremet
Digital Agency Owner

STEP 3: Start Doing Way More Campaign Management In A Fraction Of The Time

See and reply to whatever Facebook engagement you want, when, where, and how you want it! The more conversation we stimulate, the lower our ad costs AND better chances for converting interested leads!

AN INDUSTRY FIRST: No other tool creates columns of real-time engagements sorted by any combination of 20+ filters. See all engagement types across multiple pages, any combination of ads, Super Fans, customers, and so much more.

“Inside LeadKlozer, I can easily scan where my customers and leads engage with me most often across 5 Facebook pages, all in about a minute, versus 20 minutes before.”
Jordan Salamone
Digital Agency Owner

STEP 4: It's Like Having A Google Search Engine For Your Entire Lead Database

If you could create special offers and incentives for the right leads or customers at the right time, would you? Of course you would. But it all starts from creating the right list.

AN INDUSTRY FIRST: Nowhere else can you find a list of your Super Fans, everyone that’s commented on your ad over the last two weeks, or your most engaged leads that haven’t bought!

"We've never been able to pinpoint sub-audiences, create specific offers and close business the way that we have since using LeadKlozer. I wouldn't know what to do without it."
Angie Neal
Digital Agency Owner

BONUS STEP 5: Turn Your Likes Into Leads

Follow up with your most engaged fans who are reacting on posts and ads with the same ease as replying to comments.
AN INDUSTRY FIRST: No other tool creates all-new Facebook messaging steps allowing you to see and reply in real-time to reactions from top leads.
LeadKlozer is a brilliant solution for opening all new lead conversion opportunities for our clients that we could never see or follow up with before. Our team loves it!
Christopher Dilts
Digital Agency Owner



Never Miss A Facebook Lead Again

The Only Facebook CRM + Management Tool On Steroids



Without A CRM System, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales.

Before LeadKlozer

After LeadKlozer

1. No Lead Tracking

1. Automated Tracking & Organization For Individual Leads

2. No Lead History

2. Automatically Created Profiles w/Full Lead Engagement Histories

3. No Lead Context

3. Full Lead Context At A Glance (While Engaging)

4. No Lead Priorities

4. Automated Lead Rankings (Priorities)

5. No Lead Categorizing

5. Apply Tags & Sales Pipeline Stages

6. No Lead Scheduling

6. Smart Schedules & Follow-up Sequences

7. No Lead Searching

7. Smart Search Lists (Your Own Leads Search Engine)

8. No Lead Reminder

8. Fully Customizable Notifications

9. No All-In-One Place Views

9. See & Reply Across Multiple Pages, Posts & Ads In One Place

10. No Missed Comment Tracker

10. See All Page, Post & Ad Comments That Never Received A Reply

11. No Hidden Lead Recovery

11. 30% Increase In All-New Lead Opportunities (Previously Hidden)

12. No Sales Boost

12. Proven 3x Sales Increase

Old Perceptions
(real roadblocks)

Your New Reality
(real stories)

LeadKlozer takes away any doubt about closing more leads from your existing campaigns.

Trusted by Top Ecommerce Brands, Digital Agencies And Social Media Influencers

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More Sales

"I increased my sales by 300% using LeadKlozer because I could simply see opportunities I couldn't before."

First Time Digital Seller

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More Engagement

“Getting 20-30% more engagement really impacts my bottom line. This gives me an unfair advantage over my competitors!”

Scott Scales
Agency Owner

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Fewer Missed Leads

"Our teams love LeadKlozer. I can safely say that we are missing at least 25% fewer leads than before."

Robin Mosely
Agency Owner

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More Everything

"With all the social tools out there, I’m amazed no one has come up with this before. Get ready to do 150% more than ever before."

Joel Comm
Leading Influencer

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$ 119.99 /mo*

per month on annual plan

* Prices based on annual billing.
** Sub-accounts come with 2 Facebook Pages, 1 admin, 2 users and a limit of 30,000 contacts each.


Thank you for checking out LeadKlozer.

I am a ‘passionate netpreneur’, full-stack digital marketer, former Agency Owner, Director of Client Service for a Top 5 Digital Agency, CMO of a Hollywood Start-up, founder of a Social Media Marketing University and now SaaS Founder and CEO of LeadKlozer.

I’ve created and successfully launched digital products, bootcamps, masterminds, and am proud to have served over 10,000 social entrepreneurs/retailers from over 29 countries.

When creating LeadKlozer, I was out to solve a big problem. My social media marketing university students were all having the same issues: OVERWHELM from not being able to keep up with their social media leads, and thus missing huge amounts of lead opportunities every day.

I hope you are as successful as our client’s are in tapping into the hidden sales potential within your existing Facebook marketing campaigns.

"LeadKlozer makes it very simple to see all my client’s lead engagements in ways that Facebook never presented the information before, so that it is useful to take action on."
Romeo Crow
Agency Owner
"We usually shy away from managing our client’s Facebook campaigns, but now we can increase revenue substantially from our current client base with LeadKlozer making that task so much easier. Good stuff!"
Sean Ellison
Agency Group Owner
"LeadKlozer helps you curate the MOST engaged to better serve them. Powerful, easy to use, feature rich!"
Ramon Ray
"Having a prioritized list of super engagers makes it much easier for my team to capitalize on these activities in a real time way. It’s a fantastic tool that I highly recommend."
Heather Gray
Agency Owner

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“This is our money making machine!”

- Leading Social Media Marketing Influencer

Disclaimer: Sales figures and results listed above in our marketing materials are not typical and are the result of years of experience, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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