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    3 Simple Steps To Reducing Facebook Ad Costs And Increasing Performance.

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    Reducing Facebook ad costs by 21% while increasing performance


    Introducing LeadKlozer’s ad cost slashing technology

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    Create your own Facebook custom audiences that increase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

21% Facebook Ad Cost Reduction Case Study

As Facebook ad costs continue to rise and Apple’s IOS 14.5 roll-out restricts our ad tracking/audience options, what can we do to reverse the trend?

Learn how to create first-of-a-kind ad slashing custom and lookalike audience from Super fans from over 1,000 other engagement-based custom audiences. Then discover how to track and engaged your Super Fans in seconds.

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VIDEO: 3 Simple Steps To Reducing Facebook Ad Costs By 21%.
CASE STUDY: How It Works

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words?”

It’s because actions really do matter. In fact, past behaviors are the best predictors of future actions. In marketing terms, the more engaged a lead is (behavior), the higher quality they are to your business, and the better they become as a sales prospect. That just makes good sense and is true across all industries.

However, in the world of Facebook marketing, we have no idea who our most engaged Super Fans are, much less how to take advantage of their huge potential to reduce ad costs and increase sales!

In a recent political election campaign for a United States Governor, LeadKlozer’s Super Fan marketing was the #1 factor in achieving a 65% increase in donations!

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Introducing LeadKlozer’s Facebook Ad Cost Slashing Technology

LeadKlozer tracks all Facebook page engagements (reactions, comments, replies, chatbots, inbox messages) by individual fan (lead) over time, automatically creating lead rankings that we call Smart Scores. All this brand new data empowers you with first-of-a-kind Facebook custom and lookalike audiences.

These cost-reducing audiences are based on engagements (behaviors) from first-party data inside Facebook, meaning Apple or any other third-party data source cannot restrict them.

There are thousands of all-new custom audience choices that can now be created inside LeadKlozer based on any combination of engagements with your Facebook pages, posts, ads, or messages that you can think of!

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These behavior-based audiences are gold!

- Digital Agency Owner that services 7-8 figure e-commerce clients
How To Create Your Own Facebook Custom Audiences That Decrease Costs & Increase Performance
  • For the first time, you can now create custom and/or lookalike audiences based on fan engagements with your page, specific ads, and posts.
  • This means that beyond Super Fan audiences, you can create all-new Facebook audiences based on ANY engagements with your page. Pick a certain ad, live event, promotion, product announcement, etc. The sky is the limit!
  • Targeting and re-targeting just got a lot more powerful at a time when Apple is restricting more and more of our go-to audience options.
  • Use any of the 1,000+ engagement-based targeting choices available inside of LeadKlozer.

Get Instant Access To Your Super Fans & Industry-First Cost Slashing Facebook Ad Audiences.


As a bonus during your free trial. also try out LeadKlozer’s Missed Comment Tracker that allows you to SEE and REPLY to all comments across any number of Facebook pages, posts and ads that need a response…all in one place. Missed comments are the #1 lost lead opportunity on Facebook.

Free Case Study: Slash Facebook Ad Costs By 21%

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