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The team here at LeadKlozer invites you to partner with us and …….

  • Provide your customers with a ground breaking product, proven to add to the bottom line for anyone advertising on Facebook. 
  • Earn generous commissions –  including a recurring  component.   
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What is LeadKlozer?

  • Truly ground breaking software with functions not available in any other software on the market, 
  • Developed over 18 months,
  • Mines data previously unavailable to advertisers,
  • Lowers ad costs and increases lead flow,
  • Allows advertisers to target “Super Fans”,
  • Makes it possible to respond to ALL ad/post engagements in record time with surprisingly little effort,
  • Gives you the tools to create custom audiences based on all types of ad/post engagements.

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Free Case Study: Slash Facebook Ad Costs By 21%

Download our FREE e-book and learn how to create first-of-a-kind ad slashing custom and lookalike audience from Super fans from over 1,000 other engagement-based custom audiences. 

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We’re excited to help you reduce your Facebook ad costs by over 20%, miss 25% fewer leads and manage 10x the engagements of any other tool...in half the time!

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