No, organic content is NOT dead

💭 Do you think ORGANIC content is really dead?

Facebook has been around for ages, and it wasn’t always the revenue machine it is today; it was the go-to social media platform for sharing all kinds of content.

Believe it or not, Facebook still IS one of the go-to platforms for organic content.

Yes, ads dominate when it comes to VISIBILITY, but it’s not the same story when it comes to CREDIBILITY.

💭 Think about it, what do paid ads do?

🔵 All they do is SHOW your content to a greater audience, which doesn’t really do much WITHOUT having a credible brand or product to back it.

🔵 Say you see an ad about a product you’ve NEVER heard of created by a brand you know NOTHING about; not really much of a selling opportunity there, right?

That’s where ORGANIC CONTENT comes into play.

💭 What does organic content do?

🟢 Creating meaningful content invites an audience that is willing to get to KNOW you and your brand.

🟢 Sharing graphics and videos about topics that interest your audience encourages them to LIKE and follow your business page.

🟢 Communicating with your audience on a more personal level through your content allows TRUST and rapport to develop.

So no, organic content is not dead. You just need to learn HOW and WHEN to use it.

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