Case Study

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“Mary Van Doorn Fitness uses the ManyChat Growth Tool and LeadKlozer to Achieve a 3:1 ROI”

This Case study is for any marketer or agency looking to help their clients create and close leads faster!

Mary was missing new lead and sales opportunities from the hundreds of new conversations every month coming in from her growth tool.

Mary had no practical way to save all those names and conversations, let alone organize them to find the most important leads that warranted her attention and follow up.

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With no feasible way to search past conversations, track levels of interest, identify the stage of any particular lead, Mary’s priorities and scheduled follow-up activities were in a state of chaos.

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ManyChat fuels the hundreds of conversations from Mary’s Facebook ads. The growth tool was easy to implement for a non-technical small business owner. Mary now automatically initiates one-one-one conversations with all-new leads 24/7.

LeadKlozer is the only CRM (lead tracking and management tool) that automatically captures Facebook activity in real-time from your page’s posts, inbox (including chatbot conversations) and ads, creating new contacts.

Mary uses LeadKlozer’s automation to save, track and prioritize her new leads, enabling her to close more sales faster.

“LeadKlozer is the best thing that has ever been invented for my business.” – Mary (Make this the visual to use in the section with logo