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    See How An Entry-Level Person Can Have a Huge Impact On Sales Through Missed Comments

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    See And Reply To All Missed Comments On Any Number Of Pages, Ads, Or Posts In One Tool


    Never Miss A Single Facebook Comment Again

Missed Comment Tracker

The #1 Cause Of Lost Sales Opportunity On Facebook Is Missed Comments

See How An Entry-Level Person Can Have a Huge Impact On Sales Through Missed Comments


  • 00:00 to 02:30 – The Missed Comment Tracker
  • 2:30 to 4:18 – Sales Enhancing Lead Context
  • 4:18 to 7:05 – Live Tracker Columns (Real-Time Comment Columns)
How To See And Reply To All Missed Comments In One Place

With over 3 billion comments a month being left on Facebook pages, it’s a mistake to say that they aren’t worth the time to manage, especially since we’re paying to generate these engagements, some of which will be from genuinely interested leads.

LeadKlozer gives you the ability to easily identify which comments haven’t been responded to yet, and then quickly decide which ones you can close without a response, and which ones you should reply to and continue the conversation.

This is all accessible from one dashboard, and you don’t have to manually scroll up and down to find new comments, thus enabling you to manage all your engagements in a fraction of the time.

Click any number in the MISSED COMMENTS column to open up the ad or post, see your missed comments highlighted, reply to important comments, hide spam, or close comments that don’t need a reply, and move on.

Missed Comments are defined as any comment that has not yet received a reply from the Admin or Editor of the Facebook page.

Never Miss A Single Facebook Comment Again With LeadKlozer’s Industry-First Tools

In addition to the Missed Comment Tracker discussed above, we’ve given you the ability to create columns of real-time comment activity with hundreds of options.


  • All comments across any number of Facebook pages
  • Only comments on Facebook ads
  • Only comments on one ad or post
  • Only comments on a specific group of ads or posts
  • Only comments with certain keywords (track down negative comments)
  • Only comments from your most highly engaged leads (Super Fans)
  • Only comments from existing customers
  • Only comments on Facebook posts across any number of pages
  • Only comments from leads you’ve marked as important
  • Only comments from brand new leads

Any of these columns can be used to create text, email, or push notifications immediately, hourly or daily.


“It’s easy to see why comments are important to closing more sales in a fraction of the time.”

Steven MacDonald, LeadKlozer Founder and CEO

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