Live Tracker Columns

Sort the full feed of your business’s social engagements into scannable columns, focusing on specific sets of real-time information that you need at a given time.


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Examples of Live Tracker Column Sorting Options

You may want to focus on the live engagements for one particular ad if you’re in the middle of a certain campaign, or maybe you manage several different Facebook pages and you want to be able to see the relevant engagements for each page separately.

Here’s a list of all the available column sorting options:

  • Social Networks
  • Facebook Pages
  • Contact Types
  • Contact Status
  • Engagements

How To Create Live Tracker Columns

Click on the COLUMNS button from the blue bar at the top of the Live Tracker section in the main dashboard or from the sidebar to go to the Live Tracker Columns page. This is where you can create an unlimited number of columns.

Live Tracker Columns have the following management options:

  • Create column names and descriptions
  • Duplicate or delete columns
  • Sort the order of columns


Live Tracker Columns Demo Video