Let’s talk about the basics of Facebook marketing

Let’s take a time machine and go back in time.

Let’s talk about the basics of Facebook marketing.


Your audience is one of the most important but also one of the basic parts of ad management. 

To fully understand how to manage your audience, you should think about dividing them into smaller categories.

Let’s divide them into PROSPECTING and RETARGETING audiences.

🟢 Your PROSPECTING audience is your NEW target audience. They are those who have never seen or heard of your product or service.

🟢 Your RETARGETING audience is your WARM audience. They are those that have interacted with your business from seeing an ad.

You should have ads that SPECIFICALLY target each audience. Having generic ads that are sent to both audiences is a recipe for disaster. 

Testing would take longer and cost more, 

results wouldn’t improve, 

and your ad account would be impacted negatively by the algorithm.

Put in the TIME and EFFORT to create ads that cater to the PROSPECTING audience and ads that give the RETARGETING audience more value.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL practice that is not widely used. Due to that, many marketers and clients suffer large losses through ad spend.

Avoid this simple marketing mistake.

ORGANIZATION can go a long way for your business.

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