Let’s talk about determining your audience’s PERSONAS

Persona, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is “the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.”

It is who you are on the outside. 

It is the part of you that business owners classify you as.

This strategy is more in-depth than just categorizing by race, gender, age, or status.

Think of it like you’re writing a story and these personas are your characters.

  • Betty – A working, single mother who enjoys doing yoga on the weekends.
  • James – A college dropout who is obsessed with becoming a UFC fighter.
  • Walter – A businessman who failed three business ventures and plans on giving up.
  • Carol – An amateur chef who wants to use her life savings to open a cupcake shop.

These are your customers; these are their personas. Your characters can be as specific as you like, but all this does is make it easier for you to target using your ads.

The better you know your target audience;

the easier it is to communicate; 

the easier it is to develop a working relationship;

the easier it is to convert.

Facebook ads are already a pain in the neck; trying out these little secrets might just be the way for you to succeed in your business. 

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