Growing accounts always costs less than finding new clients

Optimize your current book of business: Grow their success and your own

QUESTION: If an entry-level staffer could do work to help your clients AND help you charge another $1,500/mo each…would you be interested?

Expanding the contract and adding budget to existing clients is the preferable way to increase revenue — being on a constant hunt for net-new business drains your energy. But if they aren’t planning to increase capacity and can’t increase their spend on marketing, what can you do?

We’ve all been there. Your client, who you won through patience and creative effort, has a dollar figure that they allocate to your agency. Meanwhile, they risk funds on something you know they haven’t had time to vet. You can almost imagine the pitch from the sales rep who called them. They won’t carve out some additional funds on their invoices to you, but they can waste precious bucks on some shiny new social media toy?

GROWTH HACK: Show your clients how you can take the headaches away from them around managing the lead flow you’re already creating. Don’t shy away from managing the Facebook campaigns you create because it’s too much effort for too small a reward. Let’s flip that dynamic upside down.

Coach them away from the grab bag of random tactics mentality. If you’ve been in the digital agency field for more than a few years, you know that a brand strategy comes long before any social media campaign, which is one element in a larger framework.

However, your client might think of social media as a distinct entity needing its own resources alongside traditional media, ad placements, search engine buys, etc. But you know that leads traverse one channel to another, and integrating the customer journey requires different approaches at different times. A customer can reply to an email, and that’s a one on one interaction: if they comment on your Facebook post, that’s a public conversation. It’s in those public forums where distractions abound, and the competition for your customers’ attention is most fierce. Here’s where the creation + management of Facebook campaigns ties the brand together.

LeadKlozer is designed to empower your opportunities with existing clients. You want the best for them, you want the work you’ve done to produce (for both of you)!

LeadKlozer stripped away a major pain point of missing leads all over the place. Now I’m charging another $1,500/month for managing my client’s Facebook engagements too. I couldn’t be happier. – Angie Neal, Digital Agency Owner

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