Instagram Case Study

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This case study is for any online marketer looking to have a never-ending supply of all-new conversations that CLOSE FASTER!

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Then Jenny discovered how to get 100+ all-new leads every month through Instagram Stories without ever needing to spend a dime.

Although she was delighted with this flood of new leads, it created a new problem – how to make sure she didn’t miss any of these new lead and sales opportunities!

This case study reviews the exact details on how to create all those new leads from Instagram, and how to double the amount of time you have available to spend on following up with your best leads!
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Frustrated by how much time they took to use, she went back to a paper and pen system.

However, a paper system is never sufficient to manage all the information you really need to know, to be able to prioritize and make the best use of your core lead follow-up time.

Jenny found herself only being able to devote a frustratingly low 50% of her follow-up time to actually contacting leads and closing sales. The other 50% was wasted on having to go back through her notes and reminding herself of who her most important leads were, and where they’d left off in their interaction.
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Jenny can now create stages that each lead has reached, assign priorities, categorize for things like level of interest, schedule reminders and search her entire list by any of these criteria and more.

Plus, LeadKlozer automatically prioritizes your leads based on the level of activity, and where and when it happened.

Any time you login to LeadKlozer you can instantly see who your most important leads are at a glance, which saves time, and significantly improves your follow-up results.
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Jenny’s time used to be gobbled up looking back over her notes, refreshing her memory on past conversations, re-checking her lead’s social profiles and recreating her follow-up priorities over and over again.

Not anymore. With LeadKlozer she has been able to shift her core follow-up time to actually connecting with her best leads from 50% to 90%!
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Watch as Jenny goes through her exact steps and secrets for getting over 100 all-new leads with Instagram every month.

Plus, see how she uses LeadKlozer to not only cut out all the wasted time spent getting organized but also to have the tools she needs to close more sales faster!

00:00 – How Jenny uses Instagram

20:19 – How Jenny uses LeadKlozer
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