How to EFFECTIVELY create and manage organic content

💭 Are you interested in learning how to EFFECTIVELY create and manage organic content?

It all begins with a CONTENT PLAN or CONTENT CALENDAR.

A content calendar 🗓️ is something social media managers use to PLAN out content, usually on a weekly or monthly basis. It can come in many forms, but spreadsheets are the most popular.

Here are some tips for creating an EFFECTIVE social media calendar:

✅ First of all, you must EVALUATE your Facebook page and past content. Which posts had the most engagement? Which posts didn’t do as well as others?

✅ Next, it’s time to ORGANIZE your content. Create a spreadsheet with the days of the month and decide what you want to post, and when.

✅ Next, INVITE your team members to evaluate the calendar. Make sure the graphic designers and copywriters agree with the content.

✅ Lastly, create the content and POST. Not everything is going to work, and that’s okay. It’s all part of building that relationship with your audience.

Organic content, when managed correctly, is the key to gaining CREDIBILITY for your business. And your content calendar is the key to gaining CONTROL over your content.

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