Foolproof Lead Follow-Up Plans & Have Easy 1-on-1 Conversations Every Day

I’ve worked with over 8,500 network marketers and I KNOW what their two biggest business challenges are…

It’s how to generate enough new leads, plus how to follow up with them successfully.

Can you relate?

Maybe these are your biggest challenges too?

This is why I’m digging deep into these topics in today’s free Facebook Live training session and giving you my best strategies to make sure you never have to be held back by these pain-points again…

I’m showing you:

  • Why low-budget Like Ad campaigns are the best way to triple the number of new leads accepting your friend requests, and how to set one up in minutes
  • How to use my simple question post and boost ad combo to massively increase your warm leads subscriber numbers so you’re never short of new leads
  • What to say to new leads so they see you as their cheerleader, feel like you totally get them, and can’t wait to hear from you again
  • When to introduce your products with my zero-resistance method that has leads eager to try them without any pushy selling needed
  • Insider’s insights and specific examples of real-life network marketers’ success stories with these exact strategies

Getting a simple repeatable system in place to bring warm leads into your business and convert them into customers can feel overwhelming without knowing the right steps to take.

The BEST way to track all these new leads is with my new tool LeadKlozer – the Direct Sales Industry’s first and only socially-automated lead-tracking system!

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