Live Interaction Dashboards

Live Tracker

Live Tracker is an aggregated, real-time ENGAGEMENT INBOX for replying to all your social interactions across Facebook page posts, ads, chatbots or messages.

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Live Tracker Columns

Sort the full feed of your business’s social engagements into scannable columns, focusing on specific sets of real-time information that you need at a given time.

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Post/Ad Tracker

The Facebook Post/Ad Tracker is a dashboard that reveals your most engaging posts/ads over any period of time. It also gives you the ability to interact with those posts/ads instantly from within LeadKlozer.

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Search & Follow-Up Dashboards

Smart Search

Create highly customized lists of your most important leads in seconds with an advanced search engine for your entire contact database.

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Today’s Recommended Leads

With just one click of a button, you can see a list of all your top rated LEADS revealing their most important information at a glance.

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Today’s Recommended Customers

With just one click of a button, you can see a list of all your top rated CUSTOMERS revealing their most important information at a glance.

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Planning Ahead

Contact Profiles

Think of Contact Profiles as your Command Center for individual leads containing everything important you may need to know about any of your prospects, from social engagement history, to automated lead rankings, personal contact information and more!

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Smart Schedules

At LeadKlozer, we know that scheduling and managing follow-up tasks should be easy, fast and fool-proof, to ensure that no leads fall through the cracks — so we created a system to help you achieve that with as little work as possible!

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Daily Goals

LeadKlozer’s Daily Goals section is an automated way for you to track and review your follow-up performance. It’s designed to ensure that you’re focusing on all facets of your business; through lead generation, customer retention, and business growth strategies.

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Lead Priorities & Messaging

Smart Facebook Inboxes

Are you ready for SMART FACEBOOK INBOXES with four ways to see and respond to messages, plus automatic prioritization through our internal lead-ranking system?

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Smart Score

Smart Score is an automatic lead prioritization system for your contacts based on LeadKlozer’s internal algorithm. It instantly shows who your most important leads are and therefore who you should be spending your valuable time on, saving you hours every day!

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What if you always had the perfect lead response that you could easily access within seconds? Wouldn’t that really speed up your follow up process and help you close more leads with less effort?

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Staying Organized


Tags enable you to easily segment AND target contacts with unique follow-up strategies designed around their specific interests and actions.

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Use Stages to track every important conversion milestone that your leads achieve. This will contribute to Smart Score point totals and in return, automatic lead prioritization.

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When was the last time you followed-up with existing clients, offering your best up-sell and cross-sell opportunities? It’s the most under-utilized marketing opportunity!

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