Facebook Post/Ad Tracker

The Facebook Post/Ad Tracker is a dashboard that reveals your most engaging posts/ads over any period of time. It also gives you the ability to interact with those posts/ads instantly from within LeadKlozer.

Engagement is computed to include both reactions and comments combined.

What is the Post/Ad Tracker?

The Post/Ad tracker solves the problem of not knowing which posts or ads have received the most engagement for your business. Your post from last week may still be doing great, even though the posts from the last few days are not.

  • See the most important Facebook posts and ads for your business, no matter when they were created
  • Interact with your most POPULAR posts and ads ranked in order of priority, based on the total number of engagements over different periods of time
  • Scroll through the list and pop-open any entry to start interacting within seconds
    • Your comments, replies, reactions, etc. will be automatically added to the Facebook post or ad itself and tracked within LeadKlozer too!
  • Click the green button to sort and change the display options

When you select an option from TODAY through Last 90 Days, you will be shown your posts and ads in order of popularity, based on how many engagements they received during that time frame. You will see a mix of posts and ads within the same list, with the most engaging showing up at the top.

  • If you select MOST RECENT from the sorting options, it will show you a list of your most recent posts and ads, regardless of how much engagement they received.

This gives you total control and the ability to see the most important Facebook page posts and ads for your business at a glance… and also interact with any engagement within seconds!

Post/Ad Tracker Demo Video