Eyeball-Grabbing Facebook Ads

I’m giving you all my best tips on:

  • Which visual aspects are vital to your ads to make them un-ignorable
  • My 6 part checklist to maximize your newsfeed real estate and wow your warm audience
  • How to create ads which shine out in a sea of same-old content
  • The ‘above the fold’ secret to make sure your compelling message gets read in every ad

The fact that Facebook’s newsfeed is getting busier every week means you must have a plan to stand out and be seen by your audience so you can attract new leads.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be hard once you know how to make the most of the visuals of Facebook ads!

Of course….once you’re getting more leads with your ads, you’ll need to track and convert them, right?

The BEST way to do this is with my new tool LeadKlozer – the Direct Sales Industry’s first and only socially-automated lead-tracking system!

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