Know Your Leads

All social media and offline activity (calls, emails, etc.) combined in one simple SmartScore that prioritizes leads in real time.

Track Your Activity

Always know who your most engaged leads are and see all of their activity at a glance inside an easy-to-follow activity feed.

Stay On Track

Never miss an opportunity! Instant notifications, reminders and SmartSearch help you uncover important leads.

Facebook Automation

LeadKlozer automatically captures Facebook activity in real-time from your page posts, inbox and ads, to create new contacts.

LeadKlozer Case Studies

“Attract 100+ new Instagram leads and DOUBLE your productivity in less time!”

“Use Facebook Messenger with LeadKlozer to make the most of your personal connections!”

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Your Most Important Leads

The leads most likely to convert are the people you interact with most often. LeadKlozer’s automatic lead scoring, Smart Search, and instant notifications help you maximize your results. LeadKlozer User Mary says, “48 hours into LeadKlozer, and I already have my first sale.”


No Two Leads Are The Same

LeadKlozer tracks your online and offline interactions. Keep track of Facebook messages, phone calls, emails and more. With SmartScore, each lead is prioritized based on YOUR interactions. Instantly see your most important leads and how to spend your valuable time. The more you use LeadKlozer, the smarter your recommendations become.


Pinpoint Your Best Leads

SmartSearch lets you create customized search results that identify critical leads in seconds! See which contacts have commented on your Facebook page, interacted with ads or boosted posts, or attended recent events. SmartSearch helps you personalize LeadKlozer to find critical contacts, fast!


Always Stay Current

LeadKlozer sends you instant notifications when your leads interact with you on Facebook pages or ads. LeadKlozer also uses your activity feed to remind you when it is time to re-engage with your contacts. Never miss an important lead interaction and follow up opportunity again!


Get Organized With LeadKlozer

LeadKlozer’s dashboard is designed to be your on-the-go business hub. Keep your scripts, favorite links, contacts, purchase history, schedule reminders and more in one place. Turn your everyday interactions into actionable steps and have the right tools at your fingertips.


What is the price after the 14-Day Free Trial?
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Use the coupon code or the link on THIS PAGE to save 50% off for the lifetime of your subscription! Get LeadKlozer for just $13.99 per month after your 14-Day Free Trial. Or, upgrade to an annual plan with an additional 20% discount.
How do I add contacts that aren't in Facebook?
With LeadKlozer, you can track ALL your contacts in one place. Just enter your contact’s information once, online or on any mobile device. You can also export contacts from your preferred email provider and upload the CSV directly into LeadKlozer.
What if I don’t use Facebook Pages or Ads?
Leadklozer’s lead scoring and activity feed work with any contact you add to your account. Our powerful automation tools take your personal notes and interactions and use them to prioritize your leads. “Today’s Recommended Connections” lets you see at a glance where to focus your efforts.
How does LeadKlozer help me save time?
LeadKlozer’s unique SmartScore system prioritizes your contacts based on recent interactions. SmartScore makes it much easier to find and follow up with leads. Knowing which of your contacts is the most active helps you prioritize and make the most of your limited time.
How do I contact support?
Visit the LeadKlozer support site to watch tutorial videos and find FAST START instructions at You can also email us on our Contact page or instantly via Facebook Messenger.
Can I pause my account or cancel?
Need to cancel? A one-click cancellation option is in your account dashboard. Your contacts and settings are saved for 30 days if you change your mind.

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