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In under 20 minutes, learn how to kick social media overwhelm and missed lead opportunities from your Facebook marketing efforts to the curb! See how our clients are getting two more hours out of their day, increasing lead engagement by 20-30% and achieving an ROI of 300%.

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Main Dashboard

This is your command center with a suite of eight SOCIAL LEAD MANAGEMENT TOOLS. Each tool was created to uniquely help you save time, avoid missed lead opportunities and increase sales. LeadKlozer shows you the COMPLETE lead engagement picture from your Facebook marketing efforts that could never be seen or acted upon UNTIL NOW. 

Live Tracker

Think of Live Tracker as your ENGAGEMENT INBOX for all interactions across any of your Facebook page(s) posts, ads, chatbots or messages…automatically capturing activity in real-time. Use six different filtering options to completely customize your view of lead engagements. Click on any line item and instantly see the full post, ad or message thread in a pop-up where you can respond directly to Facebook without ever leaving LeadKlozer.

Post/Ad Tracker

Want to see your most POPULAR posts and ads over a certain period of time or your most recent posts or ads and how their engagement looks? Scroll through the list to pop-open any entry and start interacting in seconds.

Today's Connections

Think of Amazon product rankings listed by top reviews, but now switch out products with your LEADS and reviews with our SMART SCORE engagement rankings. Then, add in a birds-eye view of the most important status indicators and you have all the follow-up priorities and decision making information you need at a glance.

Contact Profile

Every new interaction with your Facebook page(s) posts, ads, chatbots or inbox automatically creates a new profile inside LeadKlozer. Each profile has an ACTIVITY FEED where we’ll start tracking, scoring and organizing all their interactions with you and your page(s) from that point forward.

Smart Search

This is a search engine for your entire contact database. Pinpoint HIGH PRIORITY LEADS and customers based on lead status (hot, warm, etc.), closing stages accomplished, products purchased, tags, types of interaction with you and your page(s), sorted by time, etc. Create unlimited, customized follow-up lists that are all ranked in order of priority by Smart Score.