Create A Facebook Page In 5 Easy Steps

Facebook have so many great tools for us business owners, and one of the best is your very own Facebook Page.

Better still it’s free to have one!

When you have a Facebook Page for your business it instantly lends credibility and trustworthiness when leads connect with you, because it shows that you’re a genuine business.

Also once you have a Page it allows you to benefit from the power of Facebook Ads which is why I always recommend my students set their page up stat!

If you’re tech-averse, don’t worry, it’s super easy to do.

In fact, I’ve boiled it down into just 5 steps in this over-the-shoulder video for you to watch…so you can just follow along and set up your page as you go.

You’ll see exactly HOW TO…

  1. Name your page so it stands out and attracts the right leads and positions you as the brand
  2. Upload a compelling profile photo and cover photo (with my favorite free tool recommendation for creating eye-catching images in a snap)
  3. Add a call to action button
  4. Edit your ‘About’ section the right way
  5. Add your first lead-generating post so you’re ready and primed to boost it with an ad

Setting up your Facebook Page the right way might seem overwhelming if you’ve never done one before, but my free training this week makes it super simple for you to have your own page up and running in minutes!

It’s the best way to start chatting with leads and sharing more about your business in a way that feels fun and sociable.

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