About LeadKlozer

I’m Steve MacDonald, CEO and founder of LeadKlozer. For over a decade, I’ve trained more than 10,000 entrepreneurs on how to use social media to grow their businesses. LeadKlozer was born from their feedback.

My students were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of activity and the inability to see all their social media interactions happening around their businesses, which made it extremely difficult for them to organize it all into a clear set of follow-up priorities. 

I went looking for a tool to recommend to them, but there was nothing to keep track of all the social media engagements at the individual lead level. I was completely shocked! There was no way to see the bigger picture of how much a particular prospect has been interacting with you; an aggregate of all their displays of interest in your business through likes, shares, comments, messages and so on. It was impossible to know at a glance who your most engaged and therefore most important prospects are, and this is the problem that we set out to solve with LeadKlozer.

We have started with Facebook and automatically tracking and scoring all your page interactions from likes, to comments, replies, chatbots, inbox messages and ads, but this is only the start! We will keep adding more social networks and new interaction tools in the very near future. 

Our mission is to help you see the complete lead engagement picture from your social media activity with little to no effort, to unveil your highest follow-up priorities and easiest sales opportunities. 

Welcome to LeadKlozer! We are so glad to be helping you in any way we can.