3 Facebook Marketing Myths DEBUNKED!

There are three marketing myths about Facebook that we’ve just had to accept as true that 100% are not and they have led to huge amounts of missed lead and sales opportunities in our existing Facebook marketing campaigns…until now!

Myth #1 – We have to accept MISSED COMMENTS.

The first myth is that we just need to accept the fact that we’re going to miss a lot of comments on our posts and our ads because it’s not easy to keep track of them.

Facebook comments come from every direction, some positive and close to a conversion, some negative and affecting other’s perception of our brands

That’s why keeping track of them is so important:

  1. They can represent significant LOST REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES.
  2. If we aren’t replying to the comments and carrying on the conversation then we are missing out on important signals to Facebook about the popularity of our ads, thus creating LOWER AD COSTS.

LeadKlozer makes sure that you never need to miss a comment again across any of your Facebook pages, posts or ads. 

We also enable you to see all comments from leads containing custom keywords that can pinpoint negative comments you want to hide, requests for contact info, leads leaving positive comments or mentions around certain product lines.

Comments are simply the best way that we can reply and start a conversation, nurture and close leads. But when I talk to the largest social media marketing experts and digital agencies, they all say that missed comments are the #1 missed lead opportunity.
With LeadKlozer, you never have to miss a comment again because we organize them all in one place to see and reply when, where, and how you want.

Myth #2 – There’s no way to know who your most IMPORTANT FANS are.

The second myth is that we just need to accept the fact that on Facebook, we have no idea who we’re talking to. It’s just a name, yet more lead context is critical in any lead nurturing and sales environment to get the best results.
An important part of that lead context is their level of engagement. In every industry, the more engaged a lead is with your business the more important and easier it is to close that lead into a sale.
So if we don’t know who our most important leads, Super Fans, are while we’re engaging on Facebook, then we’re missing out on incredibly important LEAD CONTEXT that’s going to help us in nurturing and closing those leads.
Starting now, you can see exactly who your Super Fans are; who your most engaged lead is – second, third, fourth, fifth… thousands down! With LeadKlozer, you can track individual lead engagements and automatically create the ultimate list of Super Fan rankings for your business.
But that’s not all, you can also turn your Super Fans into custom and then lookalike Facebook audiences. No one has ever been able to do this before. Think of the new possibilities as more unique and highly customized audiences give you way more opportunities with your Facebook ad campaigns than you’ve ever had before.

Myth #3 – I can’t reply to LIKES!

We all get about ten times as many reactions on posts and ads, as we do comments, yet there’s no way to reply to these reactions. That’s the myth.
Inside of LeadKlozer, we can show you, of the ten times as many reactions, who the most important reactions are coming from, your Super Fans.
Now that we know who your Super Fans are, we can identify when they are reacting and show you where else they have engaged with you – maybe a comment, chatbot or inbox conversation where you already have one-on-one communication established.
You can then use those communication options to reply to your Super Fan’s reactions. Until now, we just haven’t had the right tools in place to do it!

3 Facebook Marketing Myths Summary

All these myths are huge and unnecessary obstacles that are holding you back from taking advantage of significant new lead opportunities from the existing campaigns you’ve already created.

If you’d like to learn more, then SEND US A MESSAGE and we’ll be more than happy to help you get started for free!

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