10 Tips For Converting Cold Market Leads With Facebook Ads

Have you ever run Facebook ads to a cold market that were a total FAILURE? ?

You are not alone AND we’re here to prove that you don’t need to settle for anything short of success!

The consensus from the digital marketing community is that cold traffic is much harder to convert because they don’t know or trust you… yet. This makes great sense, right? But what if you could create a cold market ad that not only got people to know and trust you but also converted like crazy to your free or paid offers at the same time? What if you could get a never-ending stream of one-on-one conversations from the perfect prospects for your business coming to you? Wouldn’t that be great? ?

I’ve been getting an average of around 75 new and highly targeted one-one-one conversations from every cold market ad I’ve run. The cost per conversation runs about 25¢ and it’s been working beautiffuly now for years. My business took off when I started using all the cold market traffic tips. – Mary Van Doorn, Entrepreneur Serving Diabetic Women With Health Solutions

Below are 10 essential tips to create Facebook ads that convert cold traffic, create one-on-one conversations and have been performing across countless companies for years. The tips are anything but complicated. In fact, it is all about creating simple boosted posts on Facebook with a simple one-step call to actions. Interested in learning how to CONVERT COLD MARKET LEADS WITH FACEBOOK ADS? Read on for:

  • All 10 TIPS with detailed examples that working today
  • A BONUS 11th Tip for how to see a list of your TOP 25 Most Engaged Facebook Leads today. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get your TOP 25 list now!!
  • A full CHECKLIST of action steps from start to finish
  • We are going to take you through the tips and specific execution examples1


Tip #1 – Don’t Make It Look Or Sound Like An Ad

  • What if your ad didn’t feel like an ad?
  • What if your ad didn’t have a call to action anywhere in sight as people saw it in their newsfeeds?
  • What if the opening of the ad was all about proving that you understand your audience and the struggles they are going through?

What would happen?

  • You would gain a ton of trust because you get it
  • You would never sound like somebody out to get their money
  • You would be seen as somebody that is genuinely helping them
  • You would turn a cold market lead into a warm prospect that believes in you!


Tip #2 –  Let Your Audience CLEARLY See That You Serve Them

You want your Facebook boosted post to have Stopping Power in the newsfeeds. By boosting your post for just $10, you’ll be amazed at the tens of thousands of people you can get in front of via the newsfeed. Here are the critical elements of your Stopping Power:

  • The Name Of Your Facebook Page
    • At the top of every post and ad that comes from your page, is your page’s name.
    • Use it to your advantage by utilizing your personal or company name, plus something that says you are in the business of serving your unique target market niche.
      • Example: Mary Van Doorn is her own personal brand, and services other diabetic mom with health care/workout solutions. She named her facebook page “Mary Van Doorn – Sugar Mamma Strong.”
      • Not only does every diabetic woman know what Sugar Mamma Strong means, but it is a gigantic signal to them when scrolling through their newsfeed and see one of Mary’s posts that it is a post speaking directly to them… from the name of the page alone.
      • How many posts in the newsfeed make you feel that way from the start?
      • Make the most of your page’s name to create Stopping Power.
      • Facebook Page Name template is “Your personal or business name – Something that tells your audience that you are there to serve them.”

  • Call Out Your Niche Audience as the very first text you put in your post as another Stopping Power element.

  • Talk To Only Your Audience throughout your post. Use terminology specific (diabetes, endocrinologist, A1Cs, cholesterol, etc.) to your niche, openly discuss pain points (“I was in denial, Crying the whole way home, weight gain, etc.”)


Tip #3 –  Get Emotional

If you want somebody to trust in you and ultimately take advantage of your free or paid call to action after seeing your single boosted post, then you need to appeal to the Unmet Emotional Needs that will not only build trust and confidence with cold prospects but trigger core buying decisions.

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” – Zig Ziglar, best-selling author and motivational speaker

What do you gain from clearly demonstrating that you understand your niche audiences Unmet Emotional Needs?

  • You prove you get it better than anyone else.
    • See the image below and how Mary proves that she understands the things that go unsaid or unknown… even by those closest to her (see all her bullet points, especially #5)

  • You are seen as an insider
  • They see that you get their crazy life
  • They gain trust and credibility with you from a single boosted post on Facebook
  • Most importantly, people will follow, like, trust and take your advice if they feel that you “Get It” better than anyone else around the Unmet Emotional Needs that they can’t solve themselves.
    • You don’t always need to solve these issues, but simply bringing them up shows how much you get it.

IMPORTANT: In the image above, have you noticed that there is not one part of this post that looks or feels like a sales message… yet!


Tip #4 –  Boost Your Post Exclusively To Your Niche Audience

No ad of any kind will work unless it is seen by the exact right people that you want to see it. The same people that you have been working so hard to appeal to by following the tips in the three sections above. This tip is all about spending the time to really make sure that you are finding the right niche audience on Facebook. What should you be aware of when targeting your boosted post?

  • Targeting Options: The options that are given to you on your Facebook page as you are writing your post more than likely don’t include the full suite of option available to you.
    • Simply create the post, boost it and then go find it in your Ad Manager where it has automatically been created as an ad.
    • From the Ad Manager, you can edit the ad’s campaign or adset, and use any type of audience available on Facebook (saved audiences, custom audience, lookalike audiences, etc.).
  • Don’t violate these three rules of Facebook ad audiences when creating one from scratch
    • Always have multiple ad audiences
      • You can boost to more than one audience as a test to see which one does better
    • Always create lookalike audiences from custom engagements
    • When creating your own audience from scratch (saved audiences), always use like-minded selections in every section of the audience
      • Facebook can show the ad to any selection within a section OR another.
      • See how each section in the image below ends with an “or Joyce Meyer Ministries… “or 5k run?”
      • You will notice that every selection in those two sections are interests that identify Christianity and then Running. 
      • If you put in any unrelated selection into, say, the running section… like Healthy Cooking, then you run the risk of Facebook either showing or not showing the ad to anyone with running interests, but healthy cooking interests instead.
      • Keep every selection within a section like-minded!





Tip #5 –  Demonstrate A Transformation Story

As a result of the unmet emotional needs your audience faces, clearly explain how you or your customer struggled? Let them know that they are not in this alone! Look at the same image below that we shared earlier, but now look at it from the standpoint of a transformation. Transformations don’t need to be physical, they can be mental


Tip #6 –  Lay Out The Solution In Simple Terms

Explain what you or one of your customers did to overcome the unmet emotional needs that you have so eloquently stated from the tips above.

  • Give specific examples
  • Make them easy to relate to
  • Anyone can do mentality


Tip #7 –  Transition Into Your Business Offerings

Explain what you are recommending that they do that involves help from your company that addresses the complete solution to their unmet needs.

  • Lay out the solution that includes your service or products?
  • Remember, your products or services may be part of the overall solution, and you want to portray a realistic, yet simple way to address their needs.
  • This is the first time that you will be talking about an opportunity for them… free or paid).
    • You have already built in trust and credibility
    • This is the specifics of what you want them to do (join a free Facebook group, download a free e-book, purchase a product or service, etc.)
    • Make sure to talk to all the benefits of your call to action… and don’t be superficial, make the benfits tangible


Tip #8 –  Create Easy Calls To Action

Make it super simple to take the next step. As marketers, we can make it so hard to take the next step with us. What you will see in the image below as we go through the anatomy of the same boosted post from Mary, there are two extremely easy things that the reader can do to take action:

  • Comment “Interested” Below
  • Click the link to join our Facebook group

The directions to Commenting below, “Interested” triggers an automated chatbot message that goes directly from Mary’s Facebook page to the Facebook Messenger inbox of the commenter. Here’s what you need to know about why this is so powerful:

  • The best time to interact with a lead is when they are interacting with you, no matter what time of day or night
  • Mary’s chatbot initiates a conversation automatically, no matter what time of day or night the comment was made
  • When the commenter opens and interacts with the automated message (that can be written to feel very personal and relevant to the subject matter and call to action from the post), Mary can then carry the conversation on manually through her unique follow-up process
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to never cold-call again, and have the highest quality leads approaching you!
  • And all the boosted post asked was to comment “Interested” below… super easy for them to take action.
  • Do you see how you would get way more conversions with such a small and easy call to action… typing INTERESTED?
  • Do you also see how this creates all kinds of social proof as tons of comments demonstrate how popular this post and the opportunity behind the call to action are?

IMPORTANT: These one-on-one conversations are costing Mary about 25¢ each, for highly targeted leads, inside a private conversation, without ever having to reach out and make a cold call.  The second call to action is to “Simply click here to join my info group.” You don’t need a second call to action, but Mary has found that giving two choices creates more conversions. Again, a super simple call to action that enables people to join a free Facebook group where Mary can deepen the relationship with the group experience and extend the conversation.




Tip #9 –  Emojis Create Much Greater Conversion Rates

How can something as emojis to your Facebook boosted posts really have a dramatic increase on conversions? They simply do. Mary found that out when she added them to her boosted posts. Tests have shown the same thing, proving that emojis increase The headline with emoji resulted in 241% higher click-through rate as tested by AdEspresso.

Take a look again at how many emojis Mary is using?


Tip #10 –  Should I Use Video Or Images For My Facebook Ads

We’ve all heard the news that video on Facebook gets way more…

  • Shares
  • Organic views
  • Reach
  • Return on Investment.

So should you just run ads with video? No!

The goal is to create tests where you have the same campaign, adset and the exact same ad… except you test two versions of the ad with video versus an image. The boosted post ad above from Mary ended up working better with an image. You never know… until you test. The conclusion is that you never want to overlook video in your ads. But be a little scientific and test it before just going with video only!


Bonus Tip #11 –  Seeing the Bigger Picture

What is the bigger picture? And are you ready for a lightbulb moment?

Well, with virtually any kind of Facebook marketing on your page or ads, you are going to be getting likes, comments, replies, chatbot conversations, inbox messages and more, right? Each of these is considered a micro-event where an individual lead has chosen to engage with you. The more of these micro-events or engagements with a lead, the higher the quality that lead is and thus a higher priority for your follow-ups and easier conversion opportunity.

But here’s the catch!

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CHECKLIST of Immediate Action Steps:

  • Create a post on your Facebook page
  • Turn it into an ad by boosting the post
  • Write out the post first
  • Create your target audience(s) for the boost in advance
  • Follow the tips below for creating your content and offers

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ALL THOSE NEW likes, comments, replies and inbox messages? Get our ad template, recommendations on how to automate conversations with all your new cold market leads and see your top 10 most engaged leads rigt now with your free trial.