Introducing LeadKlozer

The industry's first and only social media engagement CRM for tracking, scoring and responding to individual leads, all in one place.

PROBLEM SOLVED! There was previously no way to track and prioritize social media interactions by the individual lead. Crazy, right? Businesses of every size have been BLIND to the most important and actionable information on their social media activity, resulting in MISSED LEAD OPPORTUNITIES and OVERWHELM… until now!

Why LeadKlozer?

Do you want to kick social media overwhelm to the curb and stop missing out on your most important lead opportunities?

Do you want all your leads automatically tracked and prioritized for you?

Do you want nearly twice as many follow-ups and closed sales in the same amount of time?

Solving The Missed Leads Opportunity

Social Media Automation

Example: LeadKlozer auto-captures your Facebook page engagements (likes, comments, replies, chatbots, messages) and Lead Ad form entries you work so hard to create. You'll never miss the COMPLETE engagement picture for any INDIVIDUAL LEAD again.

Lead DashboardS

LeadKlozer has multiple dashboards that collect and organize individual lead activity no matter where or when it is happening. Use our filterable search tools to see REAL-TIME interactions, top performing ads or posts and your most highly engaged leads at a glance...all customizable to your unique business needs.

Crystal Clear Priorities

No more clicking back and forth from one post, ad or chatbot conversation to another. Reply, comment, like or message without ever leaving LeadKlozer. Finally, a seamless lead follow-up process that autosaves, organizes and scores the entire lead interaction history for you so that your priorities are always CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The LeadKlozer Advantage

1 %
More Time

Rene Shannon – “LeadKlozer saves me at least 2 hours a day, that’s 25% more time I have to spend on the business than I’ve ever had before.”

1 %

Scott Scales- “Getting 20-30%  more engagement really impacts my bottom line. This gives me an unfair advantage over my competitors!”

1 %

Jenny Dobmeier – “I used to spend 50% of my time setting my priorities. I now spend 90% actually in my core follow-ups.”


New lead engagements on social media create a profile with a history of interactions, dates, schedules, lead ranking, tags, purchases, special notes, referrals, and any kind of unique detail or contact information you want to save.

Smart Search

Use our internal search engine to create your own customized lead lists in seconds! See which leads have commented most recently on ads, interacted with a particular post, or your top 25 “Most Engaged” Facebook leads overall… and so much more.

Smart Score

Leads are ranked with our proprietary algorithm based on real-time social media engagements, your follow-up activities and closing stages achieved… plus how recently the interactions happened. All contact lists inside LeadKlozer are prioritized by Smart Scores.

Lead Notifications

We’ll send you notifications when it’s time to do critical things, like follow up with a HOT lead that hasn’t had any interaction for while. You set the notifications and we'll make sure that you never miss the most important follow-up opportunities again.

Want to learn more about LeadKlozer, investment opportunities or partnerships?

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LeadKlozer Demo

Check out our 19 minute demo video that shows the SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM in action: 

Social dashboards, a powerful search engine, responders, smart schedulers, lead scoring and social CRM aggregated in one place, all focusing on the individual lead. 

Click through to also see vital in-app screenshots of the lead management suite components, descriptions and best of all…how our clients are getting two more hours out of their day, increasing lead engagement by 20-30% and achieving an ROI of 300%.

5 Star Reviews

“I never knew before who my most engaged leads from my Facebook page posts and ads were. Now they are my top follow-up priority. LeadKlozer has made such a huge difference and is the reason why my ROI is 3 times better than it was before. I would simply cry without LeadKlozer, and the people I serve would suffer if I could no longer use it."
Mary Van Doorn
FItness Trainer
“LeadKlozer is great for anybody that’s doing ads on Facebook or marketing on Facebook. When I came across it I was blown away and referred three or four people that day. It saves me at least a couple of hours of time every day and without a doubt I am getting more sales as a result of using LeadKlozer.”
Renee Shannon
Insurance Agent
"I've been waiting a long time for something like LeadKlozer. Simply put, it's a must have tool for any agency that wants to showcase just how valuable their services are to their clients and help those clients to close more sales. It meets all my criteria as an agency owner and is a mainstay in the world of marketing."
Scott Scales
Digital Agency Owner

Click through to see short video reviews of LeadKlozer from the agency and entrepreneurial perspectives of the users above answering questions like...

What Makes LeadKlozer So Unique That Nobody Else Offers?” – “How Does LeadKlozer Help You TO Stop Missing Out on New Lead Opportunities?” – “How has LeadKlozer improved Your Bottom Line?”


Can i add my own Lead Lists ?

Yes, you can import any list from a .CSV file, add Facebook Friends or create contacts manually.

Does LeadKlozer work on mobile ?

LeadKlozer works great on any mobile device with the same feature set you have on the desktop.

Do You integrate with other services ?

We are currently in the process of integrating with Zapier and will be ready soon.

Can I connect multiple Facebook pages ?

Yes, we recognize that many businesses use multiple pages to promote their business.

Do you offer a money back guarantEe ?

Yes, we have a 14 day free trial and offer a full refund at any time during the first 30 days of your membership. 

Do you have an affiliate program ?

Yes, in fact our affiliate program is considered one of the best.